workshop facilitation tools
workshop facilitation tools workshop facilitation tools
workshop facilitation tools

$ 18.00

details ~ coloring cards | art prints

designed by female artists  |  printed by craftspeople in the USA

12 illustrated quotes on 12 cards  |  2-sided

8" x 8"  |  premium planet-friendly coverstock  |  110#


Our coloring cards are used as innovative workshop tools by the world's leading organizations.

Girl Scouts of America
CEOs of the largest chapters of the Girls Scouts of America each colored a card ~ then engaged in discussions about values inspired by the words and women featured. After they returned home, one attendee mailed each CEO a frame so they would have a visual reminder of a special point in time.

In the world of management consulting, Accenture ranks among the most respected. They actively seek ways to foster a culture of innovation. When the HR execs were looking for a creative way to engage their consultants in discussions about diversity and how it fuels creativity and excellence, they incorporated the coloring cards as discussion aids. And, they added an element of fun by weaving in awards for the most creative expressions.

Our coloring card sets can be ordered in bulk using our current designs and quotes. Or, commission Quotabelle to create a set of custom cards designed to reflect your culture and values. We can even pair the cards with custom-made colored pencils, designed to suit your brand.